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hello thank you for the welcome and advice! I am registered with the Canton of Zurich

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Send applications to hotels for jobs as a massage therapist. Start looking in big tourist resorts like Verbier, St Moritz, Zermatt etc. Maybe too late for this winter and with Covid jobs are scarce, but you should find a massage job for next winter with a Swiss passport (make that clear on applications). You need a job lined up as Switzerland is expensive. Also work on your French & German.

thank you for this advice!

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You might consider getting involved in the Organization Of Swiss Abroad, they could be a good resource for information as you plan your move.

As an example, their website discusses return migration:

Thank you for this information! That link is very useful

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Not to deter you... but keep in mind Switzerland is very expensive compared to Kansas City. I moved here from somewhere with similar costs as KC and still amazed 6 years later how little I walk out of the grocery store with, after spending 100 or more.

Wouldn't attempt to move here with less than say 15-20k in savings if you have to fully support yourself.

Plane ticket, temporary accommodation until you rent a place, 1st-month rent, and security depostit. That's probably 5k or more easily right there. Possible utility service deposits.

German classes 500-1000 a month, food 300-600 month, mandatory health insurance 200-300 month, mobile phone 75-100 month, etc.

It's difficult for many foreigners to find employment right after arrival, especially during this time period. So having a cushion of savings is probably necessary.

I am not trying to deter you but the reality is, it simply costs a lot to move to Switzerland and make a go of it. The German language is super important to your job possibilities if you are moving to a German region of CH, it can make all the difference even if you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Most jobs look for A2 language level as a minimum and B1 or B2 is what I see more frequently requested.

With Biden becoming elected in a matter of days and Trump on the way out, it likely to get better in the United States.

Thank you for the advice! I am determined to continue my German studies, and the examples of expenses you provided helps me work out a budget plan. I am hopeful for Biden's leadership but would still prefer to see myself in another country in the near future.

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If the OP was to get a massage job (before coming) with a large hotel in a large resort, they might be able to find an employer that provides a room or studio. That brings the costs down significantly when first arriving.

this is a very good idea! thank you for recommending, now I know where to direct my interest once I finish massage school in the spring.

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First question is did your father register your birth with the Swiss embassy/consulate in America? Because ...

"Art. 7 Loss by being born abroad

1 A child born abroad to a Swiss parent who is a citizen of another country forfeits Swiss citizenship on reaching the age of 25, unless his or her birth has been notified to a Swiss authority abroad or in Switzerland or he or she has declared in writing that he or she wishes to remain a Swiss citizen."

If you weren't registered or haven't declared you wish to retain your Swiss citizenship at the Swiss embassy/consulate then you will no longer have Swiss nationality since you also have American/Italian.

That said you could still move here with your Italian nationality, but for that you're going to need a job lined up as you would get no assistance from the Swiss government.

Second, where is your mother in all this? Are you really saying you have no money/food in your place and haven't asked her for help? You could afford to pay for the massage therapy training, but can't afford food?

thank you for the information! I was registered with the embassy in Switzerland itself, I own all current valid Swiss identification (ID, passport). As for my mother, she lives in Kansas City as well, as she is my American parent. She helps me as much as she can, but things are tough for all of us here so it's still not much. I actually have temporarily left my massage training school because I can no longer afford them, and they are allowing me to pick up where I left off whenever I can afford to come back. I know it seems far-fetched, but that truly is the situation for me here in America (I don't know if you live here or in CH so it may be hard to understand). I have about $35 USD to my name at the moment, last night a friend sent me $20 for food, and that is how I will be getting by until my next paycheck.

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Yes, Covid is another problem. Atm no US citizens are being let in, though you might be able to do it with your Swiss one, but only if you have a Swiss passport.

I do thankfully own a valid Swiss passport

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Moving countries to escape Covid would:

a) be per se ludicrous for a 24 year old; and

b) taken in the round Switzerland is at least as dangerous as the US (slower vaccination, probably closer to mutant wave, nearly as many deaths anyway).

Escaping Trump is also very silly especially given the fact he has 10 days in office left.

The OP seems to be a bit immature and not really approaching a serious international move without any substantive plans. With a low skill level and no dialect finding a job would be tough at the minute given that this pandemic has hit low skilled workers hard.

Switzerland is not a place to be poor and unskilled. I'd stay in Kansas City.

sorry to hear you feel that way about my decision. I have a lot of planning done that I did not include in the article because I wanted to keep it short and to the point. Also many Americans do not have much faith in President-Elect Biden as well, and even if things were to get better I would like to still carry on with a transition to CH when the time is right. I have plenty of time to pick up experience and I am not a complete stranger to German having taking it for years in school, but I agree it would be difficult.

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Kansas City is definitely not a deep republican area. Jackson County which covers the bulk of the city is c. 60-40 dem-republican in an even year. Some of the suburbs are in marginally republican counties - but nothing deep red.

Maybe it would be a good move for him if he can sit and breathe and make a decent plan.

you are correct, Kansas city is not a terribly deep republican area but the state of Missouri as a whole still voted red. And our state representative who is republic has made a fool of himself by being one of the few to public encourage and defend the invasion of the capitol hill building.

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Maybe you can try to mend your relation with your father or family on his side, you'd really need their help in the first phase.....unless you have a fat savings account* and can use it till you get a job. But with your qualifications and Covid etc - not very easy imo.
*which apparently you don't.

I agree with this. Although it is not my first priority to mend things with him, I do have cousins I believe are willing to house me until I make enough for my own place. I just don't want my father to know I'm in CH, as I wish to live my own life without him. It may seem harsh to say as I know family is very important to many people, but he and I had a falling out that made me upset enough to not speak to him again the last time I visited. I believe I have only seen him about 8 or 9 times in my life that I can remember.

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Bear in mind, with a Swiss passport you are not limited to living and working in Switzerland, you have the whole EU available including English speaking Ireland and Malta. Start applying for massage jobs and see what happens.

this is something I never thought of before! thank you for mentioning, that makes me feel better.

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first get food before jumping ahead

yes, that is a work in progress. food first.

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As you understand German, you may want to read this:

And in your case particularly this:

This explains that you may be able to get assistance from the social security department of the municipality you choose to settle in until you sort yourself out.

thank you for this incredibly helpful information!

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Start with this form to get in the jobs database if you don't plan to move within the next 2 months
Read all info in this page
Seems you can even get interest-free loan to pay for your return or even direct help (latter one probably not if you also have american citizenship).
If you come here without a job you can also get social welfare if you have problems getting started, you will probably be able to pay it back after you find a job so no shame in that.
You may have to do (maybe verify this) or want to do military service or civil alternatives, that could be great to learn the language on the ground and get kick started in local society, the money is also OK.

Thank you so much for this information! this helps me assemble a plan to make a transition.

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