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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It's actually true that I didn't know what I was voting for. Nobody knew what would happen if leave won. But I sure knew what I was voting against and was willing to roll the dice on that basis.
This actually makes sense, in terms of voting to leave, thank you.

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We both know not much will change for the working classes. They just wanted to sock one to the establishment.

In no scenarios will they morph into EU loving guardianistas. They'll just be looking for another scalp.
I don't think this is true, however. The establishment lied about what would change but I've made that point already.

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Having enough vaccine to go around?

The old wrinklies voting for brexit have saved their own skin on that front. Remaining would have cost thousands of lives to extra Covid deaths.
I don't believe Brexit had anything to do with this. An order was simply placed and paid for in a timely manner. Flu vaccine manufacturers were asked to increase stocks as the pandemic wind was blowing - they just didn't realise it wouldn't be flu that would level everyone.

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The EU hasn't bought enough vaccine for its member states. This has been covered extensively in the news. Even the bloke who invented the Pfizer vaccine expressed surprise at the low numbers ordered. Now Germany has broken its agreement with the EU and gone off and ordered vaccine individually.

Were the UK in the EU itd have far less vaccine than it does.

I could also add that the uk authorities have been quicker to grant marketing authorisation than the EU (who in turn basically called the very distinguished scientists who make these decisions names).
Again, i don't believe it to be an EU thing, AFAIK each country sorts themselves out. Not ordering enough doses is therefore an internal stock control issue, as it were.

Agreed, Jackie, remainer does not automatically equal socialist.

I'd be interested in seeing that list too.
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