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Re: Have the Big Tech Giants got too much power ?

Well, here we are talking about two different things, one is the power of control the giants have, the second is how their business operates.

Yes, tech giants made a good use of the volume of the data they have. Recently advertising ID was obsoleted. Why? Because the AI let them better profile and track users even those who try to evade being tracked.

Freedom of online speech as it was two decades ago wasn't a good thing either but it was way better than the current censorship. For example I think that a website like Facebook without a hidden censorship but where everyone can delete offensive/inappropriate material could be an interesting approach. The power to say what's appropriate and what's not should be in control of the society.

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Don't be so sure this time. The reason why it's different this time around is that it's absolutely not about product features as such, but because there are huge barriers to entry in these industries. For example, to rival Google, one needs to match their throve of data meticulously collected over many years and used in ways to provide value to you as a user that nobody else can without such data. It's similar with facebook, amazon, microsoft, etc. So it has to be normalized not by hoping that a competitor will emerge, but by government intervention and breaking them down. As an example, the US has done this in the past with the breakup of the famous Bell System
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