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Wasn't there a thread on here before where someone was in the same problem, but it turned out that if you're using the dish to access television from your own country, that they have no rights to stop you putting one up?

It was first mentioned in this post, but I'll summarise it again here.

It is a common misconception that other people (landlord, commune, neighbours, etc.) can force you to remove a satellite dish, or that you must ask permission before installing one.

There is a Federal law that protects your right to receive foreign programs by satellite dish (or other means) so long as the programs you want to see aren't already available through regular means (such as your local cable provider).

The law gives cantons permission to prohibit installation of satellite dishes in only two cases:

-when the protection of the landscape, monuments and historical or natural sites is required.
-when the desired channels can be received other than through an exterior antenna.

So unless your building is designated by the canton as listed or protected, no one (including your landlord and neighbours) can prevent you from installing a satellite dish so long as you are using it to watch foreign programs.

This is written in law 784.40 Loi federale sur la radio et la television (LRTV), which was last updated in April 2007. (Here's the law in German, French, Italian.)

Articles 66 and 67 are the ones pertaining to your right to free reception of programs, and the limited power of cantons to prevent installation of dishes except in exceptional circumstances.

I would imagine that this law would overrule the communal one that neerahi mentioned, but I'd be interested to hear the opinion of someone who knows a bit more about Swiss laws than I do.

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