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Re: Have the Big Tech Giants got too much power ?

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I think the issue is that people consider FB or Google or whoever something like an essential service.

It's not. Especially social media.

There is no need for anyone to use it, and they remain private businesses.
The fact that everyone like to use it just conflates things.

A restaurant chain is the most beloved chain in the world (for whatever reason - benign or nefarious or mix). If these guys start denying service to people with big ears or small feet, according to their own standards whatever those might be, that doesn't mean they're denying food to the people. You can still eat at home or other restaurants.

Additionally just because it's a busy restaurant and everyone gathers there and talk about stuff in general, if at any point the restaurant owner doesn't like certain discussions, they can ban them outright. If you try to have the discussion they'll ask you to leave.

And that's OK.

Freedom of speech means the government cannot prosecute you for saying anything.
It does not mean that people will like you, or that someone HAS to give you a platform to disseminate your message.

All of the social media has been heavily moderated for graphic content, violence, porn, etc. Nothing is changing, it's just the platforms actually enforcing the rules that they set out for everyone participating.

And please remember that in some cases like Amazon and Parler, the decision came after pressure from the employees saying that they don't want their work to support such platforms, which is completely fair. Google had similar pressure from workers for work on defense contracts for example.
But this is only partly true..

Somebody used the analogy of a person buying a cake already.. If a small baker decides not to sell a cake to somebody because they are fat, gay, white, Chinese or ugly .. They are likely to be punished for discrimination or hate speech or at very least they will have a protest outside the shop, maybe even with zip ties.

So even though they didn't deny the persons right to eat cake elsewhere, it's still not allowed. They can't deny on many grounds.

Point being, not everybody can simply decide who they want to provide service to. Easier for the big players.
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