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Re: Have the Big Tech Giants got too much power ?

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But this is only partly true..

Somebody used the analogy of a person buying a cake already.. If a small baker decides not to sell a cake to somebody because they are fat, gay, white, Chinese or ugly .. They are likely to be punished for discrimination or hate speech or at very least they will have a protest outside the shop, maybe even with zip ties.

So even though they didn't deny the persons right to eat cake elsewhere, it's still not allowed. They can't deny on many grounds.

Point being, not everybody can simply decide who they want to provide service to. Easier for the big players.
Service can't be denied in shops unless someone is being disruptive or dangerous. See for example, that shops are allowed to kick you out if you don't wear a mask or if you're screaming and kicking chairs around.

Going online and being that guy means you get to get kicked out.

No platform kicked people out without reason or denied them registration beforehand. People got in, starting talking sh1t and got kicked out.

Goes to show the entitlement people feel about internet products and how they should have absolutely unrestricted access no matter what.

Internet access in general is one thing (and should probably be regulated to be protected from ISPs), but specific products and services is another all together.
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