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Re: Have the Big Tech Giants got too much power ?

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One thing is they refuse to host a website in their servers and a whole different one is they refuse to let data pass through their pipes.
That's why ISPs (the "pipes") should be heavily regulated, as the internet as such is for all intents and purposes a utility.

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OK but "Parler" is an upstart and the chief beneficiary of having it wiped out is still to be found in the *FAANG Big Tech group.

*Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet(Google).

Fine by whom? Apple and Google are effectively a joint monopoly providing what are now essential services (smart phone/mobile). If they can behave as they wish, then that it a failure of the regulatory environment.

man honestly you're seeing ghosts. FAANG is a stock market acronym of high performers and is used in that context. These companies have some competing products, but they are all fundamentally different companies and in different markets. Facebook would benefit from Parler going away because it's social media, but none of the other companies have anything to gain from Parler going away. And as long as you consider your mobile phone an "essential service" then fine by me to be honest.

It's really funny how libertarians and right wing people are suddenly screaming for regulation, when Trump and his definitely-not-swampy cabinet tore down pretty much every piece of regulation they touched, unless it was to protect them from criticism or scrutiny of any kind
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