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I was just going to ask, what if the OP came here with nothing? Hello Switzerland, here I am! Does he have to live on the street or what? What help would he get and how long would it last? Would that help ever end? There seems to be quite a few professional unemployed in Switzerland, at least in Basel.

My US friends were all like "if Trump gets in I'm moving to Canada/etc". None of them did it, but they all have a future.

These are questions I wondered myself, but through lots of research and help from this forum I have found that there is help out there for me, albeit limited. This is why I am choosing to fund-raise for the transition so I do not come over with nothing. Although it was common long ago for many to come to a new world with nothing but a dollar and a dream, I understand completely that is not the case nowadays.

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good point. what does happen if you are swiss and don't work? there aren't any homeless people. I have heard of tenants of friends who basically do nothing, get some kind of support (not sure from where - comune/canton?) but never miss the rent. i guess with no kids, you get pushed into some sort of specialized vocational training which ends up netting you a 70k / year+ job? does anyone know? you should be ahead of anyone with a non swiss passport for a job.

even if that is the case, a 70K a year salary is still more than double what I currently make.

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OP didn't mention having Italian citizenship. There are non-Italians who have the name Fabio...

My father is Italian by blood and adopted Swiss. He is an Italian and Swiss citizen, I am not registered with the Italian consulate and I don't know if I can declare that citizenship after all this time.

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