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Re: Yay - restaurants open!

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And from what I read, these businesses without more financial support or being allowed to open again, will shut anyway in March, so what difference does making a stand, being heard and losing your license make, if you are losing your business anyway.
Scenario A: following the rules and lose your business.

Scenario B: open your business, lose the license (kill the takeaway option and uncertainty about getting a new one in the future), get fined (debt), and become almost unemployable in a salaried job because of the history of legal problems.

The issue here is that cantonal authorities are between a rock and a hard place. If they let the business open and do nothing, it just means there are different classes of people, some people that must respect laws, and another privileged group of people above laws. If they go hard after the small business, they're damaging their own population. Hard decisions.

I guess the way out is to talk about how to live with virus for several years. The dreams about a vaccine (perfect solution) have hindered the discussion on how to live with the virus during an unknown period of time (imperfect and good enough solution). So, don't kill the good in the name of perfect.

PS. don't kill the good (takeaway) in the name of perfect (full occupation of tables) also applies to restaurants.

PS#2 : Thinking a bit about business, is there a service where a restaurant cook stops by Prodega, brings the ingredients to your home, cooks and serves there? Any current law against this? I've seen the hairdresser visit my neighbors, it's curious how he carries all his stuff in a wheeled box.

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