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Re: Worrying feedback from Kindergarten teacher

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It's likely to be a slight behavioural disorder at worst, not a disease! Don't scare them! The kid's probably alright.

Seek second opinions if anyone mentions psychometric testing or the R word*. Neither of them are of any bloody use, but we're running way Off Topic. @Dietiker: don't panic

i was diagnosed with ADD when I was a toddler. Confirmed when I was in primary school. (as an adult, I am still suffering/enjoying the condition -- it is NOT a disease, it is a condition, that might trigger behavioral (response) disorders!)

The way of handling it at that time by my parents, after the first 6 months of psychologist support? (for them, and for me) -- Discipline, a lot of hours invested in keeping my head and hands busy (studying, learning how to do things - from basic tasks at my dad's work, to any cooking with mom, or in general, doing things with me - not involving TV), and a lot of extra-curricular activities (music, painting, sports, you name it). I will NEVER thank them enough for all the time and effort they invested on me. The R-word was never mentioned, did not exist at that time.

So, there is a way, and does not need to be difficult, it is just investing on the child. If you cannot give her the time and support, then professional help is the best option.

Some of my friends have now children with similar conditions (ADD), Asperger's syndrome, or with extremely high IQ. They are also heavily investing their time at home, so the child performs 'normally' in the school. (notice the 'normally', means within the norm...i.e. with a sense of average).
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