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Re: Cancel Culture

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How is a legal channel going to detect how you have voted?

Maybe they can trawl your facebook profile for any comments, or maybe they can pay the likes of Cambridge Analytica to use an algorithm to do it for them.

Last time somebody did that, it didn't go down very well.

Dunno. I assume there is some way of identifying these folk? Tbh a good whack of them self IDd on TV /social media or turned themselves in. There's your list right there.

Not sure how we got from a private co changing its Ts and Cs to "It's a conspiracy ". Tin foil hat time I guess.

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#DontRentDC is common sense, protecting your neighborhood and business.

But imagine an airline refusing to let people board because there will be a championship game and fans will riot and damage the city after their team wins the game. It might have a moral base, but how can you tell a rioter from a non-violent citizen? What data do they need to make the right guess? Bad data means bad guesses, good data means......thanks for GDPR.

I know GDPR theoretically does not apply to CH, but lots of business already apply it because our customers on the EU. No sense in having two systems in the company.

There are already some sports fans banned from flying/travelling to games. Same deal I suppose. They did something wrong, have the potential to do it again, so are removed from the equation. Their actions have consequences.

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I think the urgency and priority are for the upcoming inauguration and the safety factors involved. And keeping DC citizens safe. I can see your argument when it comes to GDPR.
I don't know how we would separate potential football hooligans... I would assume known hooligans are probably on some noflylists too?
Yep. Kid in my first form got a 10 year international game ban and had to hand his passport in to local police station after he went on the pitch and thumped a goalie. On camera.
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