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Re: Withholding tax for part-time employees. New tax regulations for 2021

My employer asked for self-declaration if you have additional employment in Switzerland or elsewhere, if yes then what is the workload/salary to determine the correct tax rate. I think this new rule of determining the tax rate is for everyone paying withholding tax irrespective part-time or full-time job.

E.g. In the past a person having 100% job with a monthly salary of CHF 6000.- had to pay more withholding tax than a person having two 50% job with a monthly salary of CHF 3000.- each. Now it will the same. My two cents!

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I work part-time for the EU company and use a payroll service to pay taxes and social deductions.
I was surprised that the tax in my latest salary statement was doubled. The payroll company explained to me that they have to tax me like I'm working for 100%. Since they do not know if I'm working anywhere else.

"If the employer does not know the employee’s total degree of employment, the wage for the rate-determining income is calculated on the basis of a degree of employment of 100%."

Does anyone have the same case? Is there any option how to pay withholding tax based on my real income?
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