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Re: Ask a Scientist

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I think there is a very good point here.

If a boulder is conscious, what does that mean? The boulder doesn't have eyes or ears and thus cannot see me and has no way of even being aware of me or of anything else in its surroundings. It doesn't have muscles either and so cannot move of its own volition. So if the boulder falls on my foot, it clearly did not do so through any act of choice or consciousness.
If a bolder falls, it's due to physics. If people want to use a different term for it, so be it. It's their right to get pissed off at that particular bolder or see it as fate. Or call it karma. Or something esoterical. They can.

Esoterics and the like however will say that the boulder could hear me talk to it and intentionally fell on my foot. In other words, the moment you as a scientist admit there may be some, however insignificant, consciousness, they run away with the idea and assume that you said the boulder has human-like consciousness.

And maybe, in anticipation of that sort of reaction, scientists are tiptoeing around the topic and avoiding that particular Pandora's box.
I totally think that the "human-like" is that Pandora's box, though. Since esoterics know we aren't happy just with physics. Symmetry - the same thing. We crave it, nature biases us that way. It's an understandable process.

Whether a bolder falls due to the laws if physics, god's will or karma/heard me summon a matter off interpretation should we just talk about how efficient and for whom these interpretations are. I prefer phys, others will search for higher forces, but I have to own up (it will peeve you off but I am a bolder in a way), that faith will be an esoteric stuff for me too. So, it's on a scale - the esoterism, I guess.

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Back to minerals, some crystals were aligned to the Earth magnetic field at the time they formed, they're conscious enough to FEEL and REACT to the energy of Mother Earth

Of course my paragraph above is bullsh*t, anyway there was a movie some years ago about a japanese guy taking nice photos of water crystals, vibrations, the mind makes water changes, bla, bla. I guess the lesson here is that if someone is using ideas like this to sell a coaching course, a quartz pendant, a spiritual retreat or a New York Times bestseller book, it's bullshit.
But why do people care? Believing in bullshit seems to be programmed in our cognition, it's a matter of time, getting used to, facts are mostly perceived wrong at 1st. People used to touch the 1st screens showing movies, they did not believe it. To say you would never, is irrelevant in a statistical sense. If 70% believe in esoterics, chocolate or shiny crystals - labelling it BS when they aren't open to what we want them to see as facts will not change a thing, the opposite. I can congratulate you to being closer to the truth than the denniers...but. We all are, in different things.

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But isn't this more or less artificially constructing a definition?

Most phenomena in nature are independent of scale. Thus oscillations for example are not limited to acoustics but there are oscillating systems in geology or astronomy for example that take millions of years to complete one cycle. But we would never say the science there is different, or that the laws of science flip or cease to apply at some arbitrary cut off point.
That's why the bio anti symmetrical thing that interests. Coz there is this cut off point, nature is economical, progressing. Our minds are way behind this. We just got to the point of accepting the ideal states or looking for symmetries, calculating them. Alive stuff is the oposite of perfect when it suits, it's needed. Nothing is random and patterns have diff reasons than physics. There might be difference of interpretations based on interests we have. In cognition, patterns are a bit of a slow death. But at least we recognize artificial constructs, I think.
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