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Re: AITA: Dog vs Neighbor

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you own your home, you don't leave the dog unattended and it sounds like you have a fenced garden.

there is nothing wrong, the kantonal vet would confirm that if this person reports you.

I would not engage in conversation with the person any more.

And stop closing your blinds FFS, she wants to see you naked!
LOL - she's a bit intrusive... then again, I understand she works at the airport in some sort of customs role, so maybe it's part and parcel of the job...

Regarding the garden - yes, it's fenced... actually double-fenced! When we moved, he would stick his head through the hedge, and then bark at dogs passing by. This would cause quite some fright to some people, as they couldn't see him (fence was only on the outside of the hedges).

While we worked on that, I put a second (low) net on the inside of the hedges, so he couldn't stick his head through the hedges. This helped also protect my hedges (which started getting a few holes in the areas he liked to camp out).

At the same time, he would get told to come inside every time he barked... and got a treat every time he ignored the dogs or just ran around excitedly... He's incredibly smart, and learnt in no time (less than a week) that he shouldn't bark at dogs/people walking by, and hasn't since.

I've also emailed blv... I know this is probably a small thing, and I should have nothing to worry about... but honestly it's driving me insane. I can handle most DR scenarios (and often do for work), but don't touch my dog!

EDIT: Typed my response before seeing this:

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3) We also lived in Lenzburg and Jenny Holliger (Jaystierbetreuung) walked our dog during the day. She is wonderful and adored him. We were very happy with her. And she never complained although at the time he was young and still pulling on the leash a lot.

Also, we had the worst experience with a dog school in the Lenzburg area that almost made us give up on our perfect puppy because they were so negative and strict and judgemental and all-round awful. I won't give the name online but PM me, if you want to know who to avoid. All our issues dissipated after we changed dog schools and he was the pride and joy of every class thereafter.

4) Try not to worry too much. If you need reassurance find a good dog school and go at least once a week and then you have something positive to show and an 'expert' in your corner, if your stupid neighbour does try and make an issue. The classes have to be FUN, for you and the dog, otherwise turn around and walk right back out, is my advice. He has a garden, maybe get your mom to throw the ball around for him for a bit during the day, Aussies can definitely be taught to fetch and bring with treats.
3. thank you! I'll reach out to her, will google her. (edit found her and emailed her, fingers crossed!)

We actually went to two dog schools in Zurich before we moved, the first one we hated (very judgmental, wouldn't allow Milow to play with other dogs or interact). The second we loved (actually private lessons with the trainer's dog and Milow). Sadly too far now. Will pm you for details of both schools, my big issue is I don't speak German... so always looking for schools/trainers that can speak English, Italian or French.

4. Mom adores him - and actually they play ball all the time (both in the house and in the garden). He's also quite adept at "search" (hide a toy he likes, and let him find it with his nose). Only downside is he knows I hide it under pillows/blankets, so now tends to pull these off the sofa as a first step! He's gotten around 40 words now, and can pickup new words in a matter of days. It's scary how intelligent he is...

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