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Re: AITA: Dog vs Neighbor

I'm so sorry you and your pup are being targeted like this, Spinal.

From what you write, you sound like a fantastic owner. You are doing the right things, you are being responsible, you are making sure your dog has what he needs, you are keeping him and everyone else safe.

I would guess there is nothing to worry about. The Veterinarämt generally do not seize a dog without an investigation. If your neighbor files a complaint you will have a chance to prove that you are a responsible owner and your dog is a good canine citizen.

My first reaction is: 'Illegitimi non carborundum'.

Most of my dogs are on the... less than perfect spectrum. It's sad that so many here seem to think that 'imperfect' dogs have no value. This can be a tough place to be an advocate for our canine friends who are 'works in progress'. But take heart - you are doing the right things.

Having been through a vicious mobbing campaign myself, I would advise getting proactive, for your sake and for your pup's.

First, talk to the trainers you have worked with already, ask them for a letter attesting to your responsible ownership, or if they would be willing to speak with the Veterinäramt on your behalf.

Dog schools are closed now due to COVID, but trainers are allowed to do 1-1 sessions in behavioral cases. So contact the trainer Capetownian recommends and book some individual sessions now. I stress this because you want to have as many 'authority figures' on your side should it come to a complaint. Showing that you are currently working with a trainer goes a long way.


Secondly, keep a diary of your dog's day, including how much exercise and activity he gets. I like that you are doing brain training work as well (search games are fantastic for mental stimulation) - be sure to include that in your diary. Because it sounds like the neighbor's plan of attack centers around appropriate activities you want to show that despite not having a convenient herd o' sheep your pup is getting appropriate alternative physical and mental stimulation.

Side bar: I, too, lack a herd o' sheep. Yet the Meloncollies have never felt deprived of their heritage. Treibball - which we play in the garden - is a great alternative. Activities that are specifically designed to use the herding instinct should show that the neighbor is an (insert expletive here). Playing Treibball in the garden has the added advantage of being a rather pubic display. Everyone, awful neighbor included, can see how much fun your dog has with you.

(If you find you like Treibball - or any of the other dog sports (Aussies often excel at agility, for instance) - consider getting involved in a class later on...)


When you find a suitable walker, do make sure they are indeed fully insured, and talk to your insurer to make sure you are as well. And plan for a fair amount of walking with your walker, so that you feel comfortable with their ability and responsibility. Again, I mention this because of the troublemaker of a neighbor. And if possible, have the walker take your dog on trails away from your neighbor's spying zone.


You might also want to contact the advice service offered by Tier Im Recht.

This is a foundation whose mission is advocacy for animal welfare. They cannot take on individual legal cases, but perhaps they could recommend someone who could advise you as to legal grounds in your specific case. If your neighbor escalates the situation and begins a harassment campaign (the blinds thing worries me) investing in a chat with a lawyer might be worth while.


I'm so sorry you are going through this. There are some truly awful people in this world.

I hope things calm down for you - do keep us updated.

Sincerely wishing you all the best.


Just saw the photo - now that is one seriously adorable pup!

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