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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Are you completely bananas ? I gave a list of absolute first class benefits including cheese, sausages and free speeding and your claiming these are not benefits ?
I'd rather have kept my ability (and my kids' ability) to move freely within the EU etc.

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Thank you. That is a very good item for that list! Big change, no bloodshed.
No bloodshed before either. False equivalency.

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Electoral roll registration is optional, and lots of people aren't eligible to vote - so that's no good.

Lots of people don't visit the doctor and aren't registered, or have moved recently, so GPs are no good.

HMRC - they certainly don't know where lots of people live.

Passports and driving licences are optional too. Lots of people don't travel abroad. Lots of people don't drive.

Personally, even as someone with decidedly libertarian views, I don't think the state knowing where you live is particularly big brother. Its kind of must-know - as we can see now.
Council tax isn't optional and it's on the same form. It's very good.

The HMRC do know - if you are employed, they know. If you are collecting any kind of benefits, they know. If you have registered the birth of a child, they know. Everyone at 16 gets a NI number. If they want to be paid in any other way than dodgy cash in hand, the HMRC knows.

Enough people drive and have passports.

There is enough overlap with all of these agencies. Not sure why you are hellbent on sqying otherwise.

Of course GPs are good - pretty much every registered with one and if you move you re register, though tbh GPs aren't that concerned if you don't move too far away and will keep you.

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1. There aren't any

2. What about it exactly?

3. Quite a bit returned now and returned in full after 5 years. So an advantage of Brexit. But doesn't actually matter as peanuts.

4. Non access would hurt EU more than vice versa. London is bigger than rEU combined. We have the power here. It also doesn't matter according to my numerous colleagues in finance. Quite possibly we don't want a deal, or only want a thin deal.

5. Not sure to be honest.

6. Yes, they are being done

7. Who cares? Its up the employer in the vast majority of cases to recognise your qualifications.

8. We can let in who we want. Leaving the EU doesn't prevent us from hiring workers from the EU. An advantage

9. We choose to get rid of that and replace it with a similar scheme. An advantage. Switzerland left it to, but you dont seem to mind that.

Ultimately, we now a full democracy and no longer subject to laws written by an unelected body. Which is a good thing.
7 is massively important - see the increased shortage of skilled professionals happen as well qualified and experienced individuals are forced through more bureaucratic hoops. It also makes your answer to 8 rather problematic.

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Are you absolutely sure? Not quite the reality as I and many see it.

Will just pick up on one- 8.- we can let in who we want- the problem is, they don't want to come any more- hence the massive shortage.
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