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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Explain in more detail. Which qualifications exactly are affected and how does it matter.
See below. Also medicine, pretty much any PhD etc, and I imagine pretty much any other professional qualifications. Tell you what, find some that aren't affected. How does it matter? I'm close to calling troll...

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Not if you want to guarantee qualification equivalencies etc. Take dentistry - can't just hire from India. Not automatic equivalence. Qualified Teacher Status from the UK (apart from Scotland because Highers) meant you were qualified anywhere in EU with minimal hoops etc. Not any more. The same will be likely true for international students in both directions.
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To give you my own personal example at the point of leaving the UK in early 2020:

- I didn't register for a GP in the 6 years I was in London (2014-2020) as I never needed to go. Lots of young people move frequently and don't always register or de-register.

- I don't drive, passed my test at 18 in sixth form and never updated my address from my parents

- I had a passport - but it was 8 years old and the address wasn't up to date

- I never bothered to tell my employer when I moved, so they were presumably giving HRMC the wrong address

- My wife paid the council tax bills as she owned the house (and had done before I met her).

- I didn't register to vote, as there was no election, and I was planning on moving abroad. I knew that you are only entitled to vote as an expat in the last place you are registered - which for my previous address was a marginal seat - so I didn't register at my wife's address in order that I could keep my vote in that marginal seat after the move. Bending the rules perhaps but legal.

Granted, most people will have given their address at some point. But there will likely be loads of old addresses still on file.

Well that's you admitting to some pretty shoddy and rather daft practices. If your wife didn't put your name on the council tax form (assuming you were over 18 at the time) I'd be very suprised. Or was she paying a single person rate whilst married/ cohabiting?

Not updating your employer with your new address is just daft.

What about your bank account? Credit card? Phone bill? Need proof for a contract.

I think you'll find you are the exception, not the norm.
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