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Re: UBS branch office closures

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I don't actually want to be computer literate or master any software. I have other things to do. If I can write and communicate, use my smart phone for messages and so on I'm perfectly happy. I'm a happy 82 year-old man anyway, don't need to master screens of any kind. My main telephone calls are made with my fixline and not being able to see the person I am talking to doesn't worry me at all.
My rent, all bills, and all financial transactions I do with 'Einzahlungsscheine' and cash. When I book a holiday I go to the local travel agent and pay cash. Cash which I withdraw from the bank and stand in a queue for. I never have outstanding debts and know at any moment just how my accounts stand.
Were I to drive into town and have to pay a parking space with my phone I'd be lost. So I use public transport and pay the train or bus ticket with cash.
As far as I can see I am at no disadvantage to, for instance, my sons who click away merrily at all possible times. But they have higher costs.
The advantage is that I didn't have to pay for an expensive phone device and don't have a monthly bill of XX(X)SFr..coming in because of clicking at all possible requests. My TV and internet connections exclude my smart phone which I have on Migros Budget - but 'what's app' is free, so no costs here. Paying per Einzahlungsscheine and cash saves me a lot of money per year, I pay Fr 5. per month for PostFinance. I've had a small 'handy' for years to take with me outside and in the car so everything is under control.

As things progress in the banking world and the path for me gets narrower I'll find a way.
My mums dad who sadly passed away recently was only a little older than you and when we tried to get him on the computer we found him waving the mouse in the air infront of the screen (after being taught how it works). I left him with only two icons - email and internet but sadly it was too much. He was the more tech savvy of my grandfathers - the other couldn't use a cash point!

Tbh writing on a forum - you must be in the top 1% of octogenarians. If you can manage this I'm sure most apps would be doable for you.
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