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Re: Driving from Zurich to St Moritz

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What you wrote contradicts my personal experience.

At least twice in the last 15 years, while driving over the Julierpass, I've had to get out of the car and put on the chains.

The snowfall got harder and harder while driving. At no point were the police controlling (I have heard from others who've been checked and stopped on the Julierpass for not having chains or 4WD/AWD) or telling the drivers to put chains on, but at some point it became clear to all drivers, not just us that it was no longer safe to continue without chains. Many cars pulled over to the side and put chains on their cars. I am glad we had the chains (sad that I hadn't put them on before), because driving was starting to feel super unsafe.

I also want to add, that the road conditions worsen as the altitude increases. That means that while you're driving uphill, you won't know if it is necessary to put on the chains until you either get to the top of the pass and don't need them, or the conditions worsen to the point that you do need them.
i've only once actually needed chains in my life and that was in rear wheel drive car. i've done countless rallies on snow so i know what i'm talking about. if you have 4wd and _good_ winter tyres you'll be fine. good meaning new and premium brand. winter tyres don't last long. once the little cuts are worn they lose a lot of their effectiveness. i buy a new set of michelin alpins every year for all my daily drivers. most people would say the tyres were not worn at all, looking at them.

further to this, driving with chains isn't actually that easy. the grip profile is quite different and can easily take people by surprise. they should be considered an absolutely last resort for those in 1 wheel drive cars (i.e. open diff) or with inappropriate tyres.
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