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Re: Cancel Culture

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That it's not that Twitter banned Donald Trump, which I don't agree with however can see why people say "it's a private company they can do what they want". Rather that their "rival" Parler, has been removed from Google and Apple app stores, and Amazon have stopped hosting their website. All within 48 hours of one another and also within 48 hours of the ban of Donald Trump.
It's not a rival. Far too small and niche. Like I said, the fact that it needs a third party platform shows this.

Google and Apple can also do as they wish, because while they have to conform to certain rules and regs about publishing data etc, they are not goverment owned. They dropped Parler because within that app folk were breaching, or there was a concern that they would breach, wider Google and Apple Ts&Cs. Same with Amazon.

Not to mention the immeasurable but, to me, vitally important notion of human decency and their perception therein. I appreciate that there are some who believe Trump has been terribly misunderstood/mistreated etc, however this is not the majority view. It was likely a far better step for these companies to limit potential future damage to their all important reputation by getting rid of the rotten content: Parler.

They simply saw which way the wind was blowing, etc etc. It might have been driven by the mighty dollar and not decency, but I'll take it. As will countless others.
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