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Re: Ask a Scientist

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Popular is a funny term. Frequent, I guess, or palatable.
I've always understood "popular", in terms of science or other subject areas, to mean "available to the common person", rather than to experts.

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It seems to me that the truth can coexist in a large inventory, unscathed. That shop window will be big and the number of cherry pickers, too, who cares as long as we are sure of our own private criteria. One of the invetory part will be the particular bakery everyone disappeared to, as long as they have the choice.

If the number of neurons signals certain degree of consciousness doesn't it mean certain degree of faith? It has to. I think Flying's point was a scale, so was the dude's he quoted. How can one agree with a scale with neurons (so a relative pov) but an absoluteness of faith, when one needs neurons to be consciouss of one's faith.
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But to say, you are conscious because you have loads of neurons and they are arranged in a complex way is sort of like saying, it's the complexity that creates the consciousness.

To go back to the computer comparison. A big powerful computer can maybe handle more data and crunch it more efficiently than a small computer. But no matter how big you make the computer, it won't achieve consciousness.

How about the consciousness being something to do with the "software" rather than "hardware"? And maybe the software requires a certain complexity of hardware to run, just as you can't run Windows 10 on a Sinclair whtyamagyigg. But that's not the same as saying, any complex computer runs Windows 10.

There are many who would see consciousness as belonging to the soul (or spirit), separate to any physical processes - and the hardware (or firmware?) is just meat we slob about in so that we can interact with other consciousnesses.

Of course, if consciousness is down to the neurons in our brains, then eventually a computer and scanner combo will be complex enough to be able to discover exactly what is required, and then replicate it. That's when we need to worry about Skynet, since pretty much every movie about truly sentient AI is most of the world trying to hunt it down and kill it. Similar to alien / first contact movies, so with our electromagnetic radiation carrying all of these scenes out into space, any aliens worth their salt (ie, able to decode our signals) will come ready to fight. Could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, eh?

Anyhow, musings of a full belly (classic Aussie meatloaf and mashed potato with peas and onion gravy really hits the spot on a cold, snowy evening!).

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