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Re: Dealing with pet insurance

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We have a 10 year old Frenchie.. We've only had it a couple of years, from a reputable rescue assoc.. I took insurance with Epona and so far have never made a claim.

My question is around what do you claim for.? Do you claim everything?
IE. Initially because of its age, Epona wanted a full vet check before they'd cover it fully.. We did that and now it's fully covered. I didn't submit a claim for that bill.
Dog was sick another time and vet gave it some tablets which cost around 100chf, I didn't claim for that.
It has typical franchie breathing / snoring issues for which we saw the standard vet 100chf . and a specialist, another 100chf. .. Now the specialist recommends an operation, 1000chf..

Should I have been claiming all of these smaller bills? Do you bother? Does it matter?
Is the operation that is being recommended the one to enlarge tight nasal passages? If so, could be excluded if Epona excludes congenital breed defect as this is a known issues for bulldogs.

In any case, I would personally submit everything and then see what happens.

Just one word of caution... general anesthetics is not without risks, so to submit an older dog to it and especially a bulldog, I would only do so if medically required. The snoring and breathing issues are part of the breed unfortunately and will never entirely be solved so please weigh the pros and cons carefully. Why is the specialist suggesting it?

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