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Re: Cancel Culture

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Time to introduce social media and internet studies in schools so people know from an earlier age what they're getting into and how to protect themselves against disinformation or misinformation, data sharing, online privacy etc I think Axa has nailed it: time to pause and think about parasocial interactions.
That's why the oft-maligned and dismissed subject of Media Studies is more relevant and important than ever. It's neither an easy subject or a light one.

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Good morning children, today we're going to teach you how to meme

I do think this is a good point though, this does need to be on the curriculum. Many parents just can't cope with it. The speed with which social media has taken over the planet has just caught everyone cold.
You think so? It's been blatently obvious for over a decade, esp in schools. I'd say a good 80% of bullying/social issues between peers in schools are social media based - it happens out of school hours and gets dragged in to be sorted out. Is a mega PITA.

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I think many teachers are not sufficiently aware of what their pupils are up to.
I believe the majority are. Survival of the fittest etc!
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Some things are taught in school, true, but only in the secondary school where we live.
And it's not a subject btw.

Media Studies, baby. All the way. Semiotics, social history, gender, race, socio-economic issues, haves vs have nots, what constitutes popular culture anyway, news bias, media industries, power of advertising, product placement, the power of media institutions and their octopus arms. Love it.
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