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Re: Cancel Culture

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Not all social media users are that naive, some do understand that nothing is for free and one pays with their data for that entertainment, piece of info, connection or whatever it is people are looking to obtain by literally living on these virtual networks (some of them). And yes, they do continue on as before, sometimes only changing the platform not their hardwired habits.
What I noticed on social media (Facebook) is that many people would become irrationally defensive about it any time something critical about social media was mentioned, because they were so addicted to it, and often without even being fully conscious of their addiction and/or just being unwilling to admit it. It's really creepy how those sites play on people's dopamine levels (and are intentionally designed to), trapping them in a dopamine feedback loop and generating the need for constant 'rewards' in the form of likes, hearts, etc. Behavioral conditioning. Those sites are like virtual Skinner Boxes.

I only ever used FB, and deleting my account on there is one of the best things I've ever done. I could immediately feel myself becoming more at peace and my mind more still. I think a lot of people don't realize that those sites are designed to re-wire their brains, causing them to constantly crave more dopamine, which in turn results in a suppression of serotonin. That's one reason why those sites often cause depression and anxiety. What's also frightening is that a heavy social media user's brain is very similar to brain scans of known psychopaths in that their brains are 'wired' to produce more dopamine -- and thus also crave more dopamine - than 'normal' people. Those sites are also intentionally designed to exploit weaknesses in human psychology such as the need for "social validation."

This, from one of the founders of Facebook:

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