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Re: Cancel Culture

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I think many teachers are not sufficiently aware of what their pupils are up to.

When I was at school back in the 1980s, one teacher had obviosuly read something disconcerting in the newspaper or something and came into the class in a huff and launched into a long lecture about how one of the music groups who were popuar back then, I think it was Metallica or one of those groups, were full of hidden messages that were out to harm young people and bring them into Satanism and all that.

After half an hour of ranting and warning us not to touch that stuff with a bargepole, the teacher actually asked, how many people here have actually ever listened to that stuff. And it turned out there was nobody in the class who had not listened to one song at least once. So the teacher asked if we had an example and somebody happened to have a cassette in their walkman so the teacher played the first bit on his radio and then ended up coughing and huffing and said, "well, maybe not all their stuff is bad, and this song is Ok, but the other stuff they do must be bad. So stay away from that."

Not all teachers are out of touch of course. Present company deserving a special mention.
It is a cute story, it sounds ancient. I like that the teacher wanted to warn kids, or get involved in good faith...I am not sure what he would say about some of today's weird rap lyrics. It is not like that anymore, long time has not been like that. Kids are very internet savvy now, the rounds of educators on internet safety and issues come into the classrooms repeatedly, looks like every year. We get a brochure as well so we know what is going on. I would say on average, they do know so much more than their parents and also know what to believe in, how to fact check should they be interested in that. Not like they are, for most parts. They are not like our EFers or the usual grown up internet users trying to prove somebody wrong, looking for legit sounding links, etc. etc. They follow insta, tiktok, visual and fun stuff. Getting quality data is a bit pasé, they get enough of that at school. Internet is for connecting, socially. Not trying to feel important about politics or seeing where the ultimate truth must be.
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