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Re: Coronavirus

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Only one data point, but:

Iíve been waiting almost a year for a biopsy.

Surgery has been cancelled twice now, first in Feb 2020 due to the first wave shutdown. Tried to reschedule after the lockdown but due to backlogs and bureaucratic ... confusion... it took until October to get on the hospital schedule again. And then came the second wave, surgery was cancelled again.

I finally in December convinced the GP to refer me to another clinic, one that is still doing surgeries. First available appointment for a consultation is in February.

So thatís a year lost.

Getting through the gate keepers has been the most difficult part. My problem is that the biopsy is needed for diagnosis, but without a concrete diagnosis I am not a priority and so the biopsy keeps getting cancelled. Kind of a Teufelskreis.

I know a few people in the same boat. Itís not fear or hesitation that keeps them away, rather limited access.
I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this :-( I think you need to find a new doctor pronto.

I had a biopsy back in Feb 2020 and received my results during the lockdown. Thankfully, it was all clear, but I was asked to wait until the Corona was "gone" before considering having surgery to remove the tumour. Mind you, this was right at the beginning of the pandemic when no one knew how the whole thing would turn out.

I contacted the doctor again in late summer when the Corona numbers were really low. I ended up having a second biopsy, and surgery in November.

At no point was I made to feel that I couldn't proceed because of the Coronavirus. If anything, once I contacted my doctor after the summer, everything proceeded really quickly, even though waiting 1 week for results felt like torture to me. I can't imagine waiting a whole year just to have the biopsy!

Really - if things don't progress at your appointment in February, please find a new doctor. I have a friend who works in pharma and she says the next pandemic will be cancer - all the cases that went unnoticed during 2020 and now maybe 2021. I shudder at the thought :-(
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