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Re: Prolonging the free movement of people treaty

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So the SVP now has two major issues that threaten to split it:
  • Federal Council. Assuming that Herr Schmidt leaves the Federal Council, will they put Herr Blocher forward, knowing well that he will again be rejected, or will they seek a candidate acceptable to parliament? The party seems badly split on this issue.
  • Free movement. Officially the party is for abstention, but many members want to vote NO. Of course, the economic wing is just as strongly in favor of a YES vote. A second, equally serious, split.
Herr Blocher is deeply involved in both issues. The first concerns his political future (or lack thereof). As for the second, it was he who decided not to contest the vote once the two items had been merged into a single referendum (or is it initiative)?

I am sure that the party leadership understands the curse "May you live in interesting times"

Should have put a link to an article in Le Temps (a really excellent paper!!): L'UDC et l'ASIN sont prises au piège de la libre circulation des personnes. Google translate verion: The UDC and ASIN are trapped the free movement of persons:[/Added]
Zurich newspapers report that Billionaire B is upset because the party did not vote to make him sole candidate for the next vacancy in the Federal Council. B has been bankrolling the SVP's (often obnoxious) PR campaigns.

The SVP fears that B will not pay for future campaigns.The other very wealthy SVP members are pro business and therefore want closer EU relationship.
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