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Re: Driving too slow in a 50 km/h zone

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We got followed by a car for 10 minutes to our home, and they called the police who visited us at our house, and took an alcohol test for both me and my wife. Because we were driving slowly late at night. Police mentioned the flow concept, but there is no flow with only two cars in my opinion. We noticed we were followed, and the guys got out of their car to see where we live, and made us really unsecure at that time ( not knowing that they did this because they thought the driver was drunk, and planning to call the police). I was planning to make a complaint or something like this for this stalking thing, but after reading all these experiences I dont think I will bother
That's what you perceived. Just how do you know that was the reason? and there was nothing else?

The problem with your description is that you only register (and potentially remember) what you perceive. When you're engaged in conversation with a loved one that's what you will focus on, and your brain will automatically ignore lots of other stuff, maybe even everything else.

You say your speed was clearly below the limit. Obviously on average. Which may well mean that you were doing 50 at some point and 90 at another in a 80km/h zone, that's 70 on average. To someone driving behind you such would be a clear indicator of the driver not paying attention to the road/traffic, for unknown but often obvious reasons.

The other is your wife's driving. Moving within the lane, left-right-left-right, wouldn't be too unusual while in conversation. You, the passenger, might not notice because you're not driving, and the driver may immediately forget about it whenever she's moving back towards the center of the lane because there's more important stuff (the conversation with her loved one) to focus on.

In this time and age you should expect to have been filmed in such an occasion. It's not useable in court but the police will still see it as supporting evidence to a report made. Heck, they'd be stupid if they didn't. They wouldn't show up at your door in the middle of the night and have you both(!) take a blow test unless there was more than just a couple in one car placing an otherwise uncorroborated report.

There's a reason why most drivers think their own driving is far above average even though that's mathematically impossible. You may well have fallen victim to the same mechanisms.
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