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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The events of the past week have really sorted the wheat from the chaff. Those who accept that EU Commission has made a royal cock-up, and those (fortunately few) zealots still trying to defend/deflect their actions
Even this pro-EU reporter from the Irish Times is acknowledging the cock-up(s).

This columnist has, I hope, impeccable pro-EU credentials. I have yielded to no one in my anti-Brexit polemics. So I survey the damage the EU is doing to itself with great sadness. The vaccine war has, like no other event, united Britain against Brussels. And I worry about yet more inadequacy in the face of crisis.

The EU flailed around – failed – during the Great Financial Crisis, causing harm to countries like Greece and Ireland. Fiscal austerity was a mistake, compounded by monetary errors from the ECB. It was quite a moment to see the FT earlier this year apologise for its role in calling for austerity a decade ago.

EU failure in the wake of yet another crisis will have consequences. And failure isn’t just about vaccines.

The EU made much last year of its €750 billion fiscal boost to economies laid low by the pandemic. Relative to anything the US is doing, this is too small. Relative to anything it should be doing, it is too small. Already, there are mutterings about how the deployment of the cash is too slow.

Plucked from the comments below the article:

As an impeccably pro EU journalist it is heartening to see the scales finally fall from your eyes Mr Johns. Perhaps you can also acknowledge that the great unwashed in the UK were not so daft after all in voting for Brexit now the EU has been shown up for what it is i.e. a dumping ground for failed domestic politicians who are happy to sell out their country for a fat salary and an easy life.
Embarrassing and the only time I can remember the Unionists and Sinn Fein speaking with one voice.

EU bureaucracy is suffocating and aimed at keeping people in Public Sector jobs and off the dole queues, while protecting vested interest.

You are 4 times more likely to get a jab in the North than the South. That's literally a killer fact.

The UK will be out of lock down and getting back to normal by May. That won't happen here till just before Christmas, which will finish some businesses, further damage mental health and hit public finances. But as long as the bureaucrats in Brussels are cosy, we are all OK.
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