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Re: Selling car - contract?

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Here another one:

The TCS one is most likely the best as it has the least unneeded extra information which could bite you in the ass.

Be aware about pitfalls in the above contracts.

Use the Modell name as stated on the gray card.

As a seller do not accept a contract which has been pre-filled in by the buyer or expect that they made maliciously "mistakes".

If there are checkboxes which you did not tick, strick out the text next to them with a single line. Same goes with empty lines.

Make two copies: One for the buyer one for you.

Modell year, be certain what it means and that you state the correct model year. Better to leave it out. Same goes for other details which might be ambiguous. Stick to the information on the gray card.

I would only state VIN and maybe the Matricule No. /Stammmnummer which is item 18 on the gray card. With this two information the vehicle is uniquely identified.

Number of pre-owners. Leave it out, or only state it if you are 100% sure. Which you can only be if you bought the vehicle yourself new from a dealer. Same goes with accidents.

Do not forget to disclaim any warranty and guarantee:
Le véhicule est vendu en l'état, tel que vu et essayé. Toute garantie est exclue dans la mesure où cela est autorisé par la loi, et notamment toute action en rédhibition ou en réduction du prix.

Thankyou for your time and for this valuable information!
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