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Re: Reference letters [Zeugnis ] - Q&A thread

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As a rule you describe the person like that in whatever positive or neutral manner as you can and where there are negatives, you simply omit them. So essentially, if you omit topics like how he works in a team environment or is his observance, or absence thereof, of deadlines, you essentially have your reference:
  • List what his responsibilities and technologies he worked with.
  • Comment on his being "very skilled technically, with a deep understanding of the underlying technologies".
  • Say what things he did to your satisfaction or better and simply omit any mention of anything that he didn't do to your satisfaction.
  • If he was on a renewable contract, simply say he left because you chose not to renew it. There's no reason to give a reason.

Thanks, this is a great description of what to do. I've only ever handed out glowing references before and was a bit worried that I didn't have much to say for this person, who is in all fairness quite competent and might thrive in a more structured environment.

I'll make a detailed list of tasks they performed and make it clear they were completed satisfactorily, as opposed to "to our complete satisfaction". Will likely just list dates of employment with no other details regarding why employment ended.
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