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Too many unknowns in the equation, but you can easily find them on the bill: either your total consumption in kWh per year (easier) or, alternatively, the price you pay per kWh. (...)

Even if its 8000 rather than 17000 kWh, the number strikes me as almost unbelievably high, seeing that an average household of four Swiss persons has an annual electricity consumption of 4000 kWh - in total, not just for PCs. So 1000 kWh per capita. (We use less per capita but Im into saving energy.) Did we get all our numbers straight?
PS Why on earth not turn those powerful computers off anyway? Complete no-brainer IMHO. Like most of us, I was brought up to switch off the light when leaving a room. We waste far too much energy because its too cheap. It may not cost much money, but that doesnt mean we can afford to go on doing it. Money is the currency of mere humans. Energy is the currency of nature. If we saved more of it, we could avoid the projected demand for a gas-fired power plant. Which would be worth while because such a plant would generate carbon dioxide*, import gas from the likes of Putin and Co. and, in case its still not obvious, cost a lot of money.

(* This is, after all, the science forum. Hopefully no need to go into the climate skepticism thing.)
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