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Re: Covid+ Conspiracy Theories/Claims

Many scientists were and are religious, Einstein for one. While religion cannot be confirmed, it cannot be falsified either. So it‘s perfectly compatible with a wide range of Weltanschauungen. I‘m happy to pay church tax; they do a lot of sensible things. That said, „I don‘t believe in God but I miss Him.“ (Julian Barnes)

IMHO seeing humanity as a part of something bigger is a necessary antidote to hybris. We are far too good at forgetting how interdependent we are with everything around us. The Covid-19 pandemic is a case in point. Perhaps the comparatively new-fangled monotheistic religions are not good examples of humility in the face of their God‘s creation. Our ancestors were probably closer to pantheism and animism, thanking the animals they killed for food and remembering to fear the wrath of nature. A state I admire. Then again, if I have to picture something like a deity, it is a teddy bear that appears before my inner eye.

I don‘t know the books mentioned above. My favourite utopia/dystopia is „A Children‘s Bible“ by Lydia Millet. Her „Love in Infant Monkeys“ fits with the teddy bear. (It was the title of Harlow‘s notorious paper on mother-models. When it comes right down to it, I believe God is a parent projection.)
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