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Re: Commuting between UK and Switzerland

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That's cool to know the result comes back so fast. I'm seriously thinking of going on holiday in May, to anywhere that doesn't require quarantine. Everywhere needs a test though and I was worried about getting result back in time.
The key with the airport is knowing when their lab runs are (which is then 5 hours to results) - if you get there early they do a 7am and 9am lab pickup so you should have results by 12:00 or 14:00 respectively.

To be honest the fast airport testing is the the only way it's still possible to commute now as most places rely on 24-48 hours for the results to get back into Switzerland and the logistics for that are a nightmare.

My work colleague (also a commuter) always travels back on Monday morning so he still prefers an antigen test in Zurich on Friday then a PCR test back in UK Saturday AM. They provide the results for him by Sunday lunchtime which he uses to commute back on Monday AM. It works out a similar price in the end as its around 45 for the antigen test here then 120 for the PCR so the total outlay is around the same as the fast Zurich airport test.

If the Swiss side changed to allow antigen tests like the UK do it would make the logistics a lot easier as you could get one antigen test on the Friday for both ends at 1/4 of the cost.

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Same here, I was planning to travel back the UK most weekends when I started my contract here. Now there are no direct flights from Zurich-Manchester at all, the only UK flight seems to be weekly Zurich-Heathrow and that is over a grand.
Not sure where you're getting a grand from unless you tried booking the day before I've paid generally no more than 130CHF return for all mine in the last few months and I've flown with Swiss Zurich/Heathrow every time. The exception was around Easter where some are 250 each way but I've avoided that by flying Wed-Sunday rather than Thursday to Monday which was 110CHF return with Swiss.

The exception in my case was around Xmas when they canned all UK flights and I had to fly instead to Paris for 160CHF one way then get a Eurostar back to the UK for the Xmas holidays period then flew back in Jan from Heathrow which was 90CHF one-way.

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