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Re: Commuting between UK and Switzerland

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One question I have is, do you actually have to do a full 10 day quarantine in the uk? It would appear not if someone is travelling back and fourth every weekend. What happens on day 8 when you need to do another testPCR test in the UK?

Normal travellers to England have to do the 10 days quarantine and are supposed to also book tests on day 2 and 8. They are checking this at Heathrow now and the cause of the bigger delays recently. For red listed countries this is in the hotels at cost to the traveller.

Weekly commuters are exempt from all quarantine under the rules so you only need a weekly PCR test and that's to get back in Switzerland not for entry to England:

You only need an antigen test to get into England, which is why I said if the Swiss changed to match the UK it would be a whole lot easier and cheaper.

Officially regular commuters are actually exempt from testing as well as per the same link, but try proving that to a Swiss member of staff who wouldn't let you on the plane without the negative Covid test.

The other thing is that in the last couple of weeks Border Patrol in the UK are also asking for proof of your return flight back to Switzerland to prove you are indeed commuting just for the weekend.
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