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Re: Eczema cream?

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Thanks everyone. Since I last posted, I have been running around like a headless chicken. My GP had no free slots, but he spoke directly with me and said that I need to get it checked asap, like NOW!

I then phoned lot of docs for an appointment and after many rejections I finally got it checked. One look and Doc knew what I had

Confirmed Gürtelrose (Herpes Zoster)

He explained that Chickenpox never really goes away, the immune system just keeps it suppressed. If stress etc reduces the strength of the immune system then this happens.

Got 2 meds to take for next 7 days-

Pregabalin Capsule 75mg, 2 x Per day (Neurological drug)
Brivudinum tablet 125mg, 1 x Per day (Anti Viral)

Did not get any cream though? Keep using eczema cream?

Doc did not think I have COVID-19, but I insisted and got a Covid test done too, NEGATIVE

What are the chances that I had Covid many months ago, and it messed or is still messing with my immune system?
:-) thanks for the confirmation of the hypotheses. I should have finished my medical studies :-( but i got discouraged by the fact that we still cannot cure even a simple cold

Regarding the question if you have passed CoVid, did you have an antigen, or an antibody test? antigen test only will tell if you are infected NOW. Antibodies tests shows if you have built immunity because of a past infection.
Personally, i thought i had passed the disease, as in January I was sick like a dog (with all the symptoms later associated to CoVid)....but i paid for the test, and, no... it was a normal flu...
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