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Anyone using TalkTalk mobile?

I'm about to change my phone contract, currently looking at a TalkTalk option, unlimited calls, data, messages virtually everywhere in the world for chf50 per month. I just wonder what other people's experience of them is? There's another thread talking about coverage, so I'm happy enough to move to the Sunrise network they run on.

Salt, who I'm currently with, have offered to come down to as low as chf55 for their EuropeXXL package which is effectively equivalent - normal price for that is 90 per month, I'm currently paying 70 for the same deal, but my 24months subscription is finished so I'm free to leave them.

One last thing, I see that there's a 'friends' offer for recommendations. chf50 each for the referrer and the new user just by entering someone's existing TalkTalk number when registering. Would pay for my SIM card change, if anyone fancies getting 50 francs worth of credit?
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