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Re: Anyone using TalkTalk mobile?

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What about their roaming charges. i.e. The cost to use the phone when outside of Switzerland? Where we live we are so close to the French border it is very easy to end up on a French Network without even crossing the frontier.
All included. Although the fine print takes some reading I'm pretty confident of this,
I'm less than a kilometre from France and need to be contactable/connected at all times, so it's uppermost on my list of requirements, as is the unlimited data there.

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I also got zinged when in Canada and thinking that if my mobile provider sent me a text offering roaming for a fixed price, they would honour their offer, without resorting to the ‘fine print’.
Yes, you mentioned that in the other thread - that was with a Sunrise contract, though, wasn't it?

In any case, all mobile operators will take advantage of you if they can - I recently accrued a chf30 penalty with Salt for an outstanding amount of 3 or 4 francs which had run over from a premium-rate call a couple of months previously. My logic was that as I was paying the full subscription amount by standing order each month, the arrears would just carry over to the next bill as it they were applied in the previous month, but no. I don't expect anything better from anyone else, TBH, although it would be a bonus.
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