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Re: Equal rights for women

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Assaulted, yes, but it's men who have a far greater risk of being murdered.

Irrelevant. I'm talking about women need safe spaces and you bring it back to men.

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Why did it take him so long? It should be obvious for any gentleman Time to put notice in for an upgrade
Because he's a big bloke who's never felt vulnerable in the ways that women often do.

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I am for equal rights for all humans.

On the subject of rape/violence towards women, do you think banners saying "All men are responsible, and they should own it" are fair?

I have never raped anyone or shown any violence towards any woman in my life. Why should someone like me feel responsible for the actions of other violent humans (men or women)?
Which is why I made the distinction: all men can, not all men do.

Only women can give birth. Not all women do.

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According to what statistics? Public violence against men is higher, that is obvious from crime statistics but also from insurance statistics. It's just that nobody seems to care about male victims.
That'll be comvictions. Hideously high numbers of assaults and rapes are unreported for all sorts of reason. A very low number result in convictions. I'll wager that most women on this forum have experienced some kind of verbal attack or assault (including what was brushed off for years as "just being friendly").

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Where do thin blue eyed blondes get to park?

And I always thought it is our precious privilege and felt bad for guys not being able to be so important. Why be bitter and hold something so amazing against them?

He is. Just not your's.

'Common sense' in gender equality hasn't been a great helping factor.

Just wait for EFers to come up with "The thing about common sense is that it is not so common".
Oh poo. Not common sense, merely trying to spin.

I don't feel bad. The sooner they figure out how blokes can have the babies, the better, in my book. Are you familiar with the term "handmaiden"?

Interesting that there isn't much engagement with / acknowledgement of the reasons why women feel vulnerable. Fair few attempts at belittling though. Women do not exist to validate/appease/flatter male egos.
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