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Re: Equal rights for women

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So, to answer my own question: according to no statistics. And do you seriously think that men report every case of violence they experience or verbal attack they face when being in public? In many cases, there aren't even similar or appropriate support channels for men when they fell victim to an attack or assault.
Interesting. This thread, about equal rights, as soon as it becomes clear about certain inequalities, men start to centre men. No acknowledgement of the reality, but a knee-jerk "i never..." or "but what about men?". You can groan all you like. It doesn't make it less true. Women's Rape crisis centres have been closed in Canada because they wouldn't let transwomen in. Increasing numbers of American states are preventing women from having autonomy over their own bodies by banning abortion, even in cases of incest/rape.

Prevalence stats taken from a book published last year about women and violence:

*potential trigger warnings*


30-50% women have been victims of domestic violence by male partners (current or ex)
30-36% of girls are sexually abused in childhood.
20% of women have been sexually assaulted or raped since the age of 16 in the UK
3 women per week were killed by men in the Uk in 2019.
3x more sexual violence is perpetrated against girls im childhood than boys.
700,000 to 2,000,000 women and girls are trafficked across the world for sex
7-40% women report that their first sexual experience was forced (rape)
Of women working as prostitutes in the UK, 50% working indoors and 26% outdoors had been subjected to violence

In most cases, the very women who have been subject to violence are blamed for that violence. Variations on a theme of "she was asking for it, dressed like that" and "look what you made me do."

Women are blamed for male violence. It sounds utterly ludicrous and is not a c omfortable thought but there it is.

Just recently in the UK, Sarah Everard was kidnapped off a London street by a police officer, subjected to gods know what and murdered.
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