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Re: Equal rights for women

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Indeed, only women can have children so men are not equal. You seem to agreeing that there are differences however they should be ignored or not depending what it is.

To recap, men are stronger, however you can not discriminate against a women applying for a job that requires strength or pay her less because she will be less efficient because of her lack of strength.
This is a weird thread.

1) According to the law, men and women are equal and should be dealt with as such. If this means raising the female retirement age to 65, so be it. You'll get no argument from me.

2) There are physical gender differences that cannot be overlooked, including reproductive roles of our genitals and muscle strength. In general, men are stronger than women as dictated by the nature of our genes.

3) Fashion: there's women's fashion and there's men's fashion. Men and women are built differently and often have different tastes. I do question some women's fashion tastes that I personally find suggestive. However, that's not a free pass to abuse women.

3) Now comes the tricky part in this thread: parking spaces allocated to women. I applaud them and am grateful for them. However, I don't consider them as a legal right women should have. They do not have the same priority level as handicapped parking.

4) What I find distasteful on this thread are the posters who ignore common sense and universalities and instead find exceptions to back up their claims. Moreover, calling women sexist for pointing out the obvious is not only disappointing, but it raises the question if some posters have gender insecurity issues.
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