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Re: Equal rights for women

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First of all, I don't groan - I point out that many of the issues that men face are just ignored. This thread was clearly started with that intent, namely that women in Switzerland slowly also have to give up their legally and constitutionally granted privileges. Do you really feel threatened that men ask for changes in aspects of life that clearly discriminate against them?

Furthermore, I merely point out that some of the claims in this thread are just plain wrong, i.e. rate to become a victim of certain crimes, deductions from payslip for social contributions, costs for basic healthcare complaining about "men start to center men" doesn't make those wrong claims any more true either.
I think Switzerland is very behind the curve of women's rights, given that it was only in something like 1997 that all Swiss women in all cantons got the vote.

Where are men discriminated against? Genuinely interested. What issues? I would honestly like to know. Is this discrimination balanced out perhaps by greater privilege elsewhere?

If it's the National Service thing, then fine, as long as women who have done this NS and then have kids are granted decent paid mat leave.

I thought it was established that CH healthcare costs were actually more for women?

I'm not complaining, stating a fact. Many men - mostly insecure ones who don't understand the way the world actually works - cannot seem to cope when their privilege is pointed out. Patriarchal societies mostly benefit men. Fact. Women were essentially property passed from father to husband until relatively recently. Reproductive rights are still a hot topic instead of purely and simply a fact of bodily autonomy. If these were not true then this very thread would be moot because women would have always had the same rights and opportunities as men.

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