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Re: Equal rights for women

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Decide differently if you don't like the consequences, or insist on a different arrangement with your OH if you don't like it.

Choices have consequences. Don't expect others to solve your problems, or pay for the mistakes you made.

It's your problem, your individual problem. You demand agency, you got it. Now go solve your problem yourself.

Ok. So all women decide to stop having children. What does that do to society and your pension pot as the number of fresh workers diminishes over time.? Good luck growing your own.

How is it my problem if I'm minding my my own business on public transport, or in a bar, or walking home and I'm attacked? Why isn't it the problem of the attacker? I've managed for over 40 years without ever rubbing up against a stranger in a bar, or anywhere else for that matter. Why can't those men who do these things stop themselves? Please enlighten me.

Please explain how survivors of assault should solve the problem of their assault?

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Why is it? Explain how men are affected physically by bearing children in a way that is equal to women. I'll wait.

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He wasn't.

There are women who know that being a woman is fab. The opportunity to have children is not a punishment. It is a wonderful choice to have.
And you're twisting the meaning again. If you can't understand what I've been saying maybe have a reread.

Having my children makes me very lucky indeed. Being pregnant and enduring childbirth were unutterably shit. I can separate the two.

Being a woman is indeed brilliant. But it's often also pretty rubbish. It's literally the luck of the draw. Born in the west? Fair enough. Born into a culture where girls are sold into married slavery at 12, not so much. Those of you who can't or won't see this truth are contributing to and condoning the situation.

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Nobody is saying anything differently, Musicchick. I take offense to the above statement because it implies that claims that bearing children makes us different is also a complaint. It isn't, so stop going down that road.
This exactly.
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