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Re: Facilitated Naturalization Interview

Thanks for all the information. I am going to check out the slow news. That is great.

We got married almost 20 years ago. And she was Swiss Citizen at the time (I think I heard this matters). Both her parents are Swiss Citizens and born in Switzerland.

For close ties we are planning to visit multiple times (at least 3 but hopefully more). She has relatives. I plan to meet people and join some clubs (already a member of a club here in the states). If anyone knows any entrepreneur clubs that would be great because something I need to do regardless.

Thats great about the Permit B. Is there any chance of getting kicked out or it not renewing. My biggest worry is ending US business. Working to start a business is Switzerland. Moving with our child (I think this is good in the long term for her but could be rough in short term). And then having to leave after 3 years. If I was younger / taking a job I would not be as worried. (Also not worried about getting kicked out over crimes. I don't plan to rob any stores or anything )

I honestly didn't look too closely at the languages. Since I know English (and a small amount of latin) I thought German would be close. I thought since French was a Romance language it would have less overlap. Plus since my wife already knows German and Swiss German we could leave in a canton that speaks Swiss German.

But if I am wrong about this I certainly want to know. The language is going to be a major major thing for me. I think it will take almost full time study for a year to get where I need to be. If Romansh was pretty easy to learn I would do that. Right now I am studying German about 6 hours a day 7 days a week. Mostly using iPad apps with native speakers. And I am playing German over speakers at night while I sleep. I don't know if that is BS. But apparently some studies showed it helped. And I figure it can't hurt.

So for the languages do I need to take a test for facilitated. When I wrote OP post I thought read I don't. But then I saw some posts on the forums you do need the test for facilitated. Or maybe it changed?
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