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Re: New to Skiing - the nightmare

A word of advice: never ever learn to ski/board from a friend or relative. It will always end in tears (see also Engelberg-fall thread). Generally speaking the beginner will be frustrated and stressed and arguments will ensue, especially as teaching the beginner prevents and frustrates the more experienced party from actually doing any real skiing.

Lessons are fun, and you can be in a group other people with their face in the snow.

Additionally of course, with lessons you will actually learn from someone who knows what they are doing...


Hello all,
After years of avoiding the lure of skiing (including a 5 year stay in Canada), I went ahead and booked tickets to Davos this past weekend. I went with my husband, who has skiied before. He insisted that I didn't need lessons and, well, who am I to know? (I'll tell you, NOT a skiier).

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