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Re: is it normal regie asks me to buy a new activated carbon filter

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Yes it is normal for you to replace it - these things need to be replaced quite frequently (probably once a year), so it comes under the heading of normal stuff you should do.

Why would they need to indicate the exact product link? You have access to the appliance and therefore the part number, surely you'd be better off finding it yourself online.
1. Thanks a lot 2. Because they bought it and when I moved in, there wasn't the appliance manual. I just took a photo of the inside of the hood.

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You can also look in the appliance manual for the model number of your hood fan and the part number for the correct filter.

When you attend the apartment handover, you will need to show that the filter is new. Sometimes it is best to just leave it in the box. Do remove the old filter and dispose it.

If you hire a professional cleaning company, they should remove the old one, replace it with the new one you provide, and the property manager will accept this.

4 years is a very long time to use the same filter, even if the outer filters have been regularly washed.
Thanks a lot! your regie left you the appliance manual? I don't have it since moving in
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