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Maybe try Tutti or Ricardo?
Thank you for the suggestion. I am not sure, if someone would be willing to buy bags if clothes, but maybe worth a try.

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No idea about the coop ones - but in the African country I spend a lot of time in, they get bales of clothes from European collection services.

These get cleaned, folded and resold on the local market.

Quite a profitable business.

I have exactly the same experience, that is why I do not want to donate. I have seen jeans from Primark worth 5 euro in the first place and quite used being sold for 15! I was told that African countries are flooded with a very bad quality clothes from China and they prefer the better quality European clothes, hence the mark up even on Primark used stuff.
The companies I used in Ireland to sell clothes per kg, would resell it to eastern European countries second hand shops. Their business model was that they would buy a bag of clothes for 8 euro and sold it to Eastern Europe for 15 per bag. Sometimes even more as they told me, they would get designers items too, which they would resell it individually or at higher price. I felt that was a better way of getting rid of old clothes.
After seeing what was happening with the free donations from charities in Africa, I was really put off.

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If you are willing to donate rather than sell:

You can deposit the clothes in a collection box, any amount that fits into the box accepted. I deposit mine (new, unworn) at the Coop colleciton boxes, as I've heard that with this collection less ends up being pulped for rags. I can't verify that, however. They do say that the clothing stays in Switzerland rather than being exported.
I have looked into COOP, it seems they re-home the clothes within Switzerland, which would be great, because a lot of my clothes are new or almost new. I will look into it more, but a great idea. Thank you so, so much! Would be delighted, if they took it all and made a good use of it

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