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Re: Selling used clothes in bulk - price per kg

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I have exactly the same experience, that is why I do not want to donate. I have seen jeans from Primark worth 5 euro in the first place and quite used being sold for 15! I was told that African countries are flooded with a very bad quality clothes from China and they prefer the better quality European clothes, hence the mark up even on Primark used stuff.
Apparently this used to be the case but not any longer. As there are lots of low quality cloths in Europe now (even Zara and alike) apparently people in Africa now prefer cheap new from China. So less and less places take on these clothes. Remember reading an article 1-2 years ago, but don't have the link.

Some shops take on a bag of clothes and give you a voucher. I think H&M was doing this. They don't need to be in good condition. Maybe they are recycling though I was also reading that it is increasing difficult to recycle given complex composures of different clothes. Many times they end up in car seats and similar.

Also the standard collection from in-front-of-the-building (they put in the mailbox plastic bags beforehand) say that the clothes should be in good shape so I guess they are re-allocating them.

OP: maybe you could contact a second-hand shop and ask what they offer?
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