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Re: Selling a vehicle

I suggest using a contract. It is more clear, at least for me. Mention in the contract that there is no guarantee. You can find many examples in comparis, or tcs websites. Here is what I did with several vehicles:

1. find a buyer.
2. sign a contract and take the money. At this point buyer can take the vehicle WITHOUT number plates if they want.
3. Go to registration office to cancel grey card and return plates. If you have interchangeable plates you cancel only grey card. Number plates stays with you.
4. Send canceled grey card by post to the buyer.
5. Buyer comes to pick up the vehicle.

If it is not much of a trouble for me, after (2) I can suggest to drive the vehicle to buyers location, remove plates and go home.

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Ok I need advice...seems to me be a chicken or the egg situation.
I want to sell my T6 and I am currently interchanging my number plates (I have approx 30 days according to insurance before I new to renew the interchangeability).
I have 2 people interested, but say one wants to buy it (and unbelieveably they want to pay in cash!)
1. how and when do I transfer ownership?
2. I want to keep my number plates for my other car - how do I do this and when do I do this?
3. contracts? are these required? if so, is there a proforma version somewhere?
I have read other threads but I am still confused about the process.
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