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Re: New to Skiing - the nightmare

Davos does have a little section fed by the chairlift in its way up to the Fuxagafer. It not a "real" piste and you can get a ticket to use that bit only for very little. As its at town level it needs snow currently.

I'd be a bit concerned taking a complete beginner up Jakobshorn or even Parsenn, unless they were comfortable on their skis/board.

Flumserberg/Hoch Ybrig is the best place to ease-in beginners IMO.

Engelberg is a trial by ordeal if you try Titlis. Nice village and sledging though.


Davos was a big mistake - unless you start on the nursery slopes. And pommels/T-bars are not for beginners - though they often have them on beginners' slopes - but gentle ones.

If you have never skied before, then you first half day should have been walking around the foot of the nursery slope getting the feel of skis and learning how to walk up, slip down and STOP.

Skiing is VERY much a 'head' sport. Fear will prevent progress and starting on a Davos on a normal piste is likely to set a beginner back not advance them.

As stated above. Take lessons! Let hubby ski himself stupid, while you learn at your own pace. I didn't start skiing until I was 34 and have skied in the top level in French Ski School (Competition) where they're all total loonies. Sadly I am now working my way slowly down again...
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